Mission Statement

The FirstSwing Foundation is a Washington state non-profit corporation that was created in 2002 in order to teach youth “life’s little lessons” within the fun and exciting environment of baseball and softball. The Foundation’s basic belief is sport(s) is a process and not an end in itself, and that youngsters will learn many life skills by playing and competing. FirstSwing is committed to teaching ALL youngsters, especially the physically and financially challenged, to learn and love the game, and to provide them with positive role models and quality instruction.

FirstSwing provides youth summer camps, tournaments, workouts, skills clinics, parent-coach teaching seminars/clinics, play days, and unique activities to teach the game as well as bond parents and youngsters. One of the major goals is to provide an interactive, fun environment that will aid in the socialization process and empower youngsters to become good, solid, productive citizens, future spouses, parents, and contributors to society! 

Hall of Fame

The 8U 2018 and 9U 2019 Teams for outstanding play. 41 consecutive summer tourney wins and nine(9) Championships!!

Wyatt Allemann
Josh Akiyama
Irene Akiyama
Steven Baldridge
Seth Baldwin
Bruce Barstow
Carla Berg
Jake Berg
Team Berg
Andy Boes
Team Bristow
Team Budinick
Conner Carrol
Laura Chopp
Kosta Cooper
Lori Cooper
Marco Cooper
Kyle Curtis
Mikey Delgado
Team Duffy
Gabe Felicano
Davis Franklin
Evan Graves
Team Gray
Jake Grothkopp
Julian Gonzalez
Yen Ha
Dylan Johnson
Josh Kelly Team
Uncle Max
Luke Morris
Jack Turner
Finn Turner
Jack Turner
Max Levy
Jake Freer

Fred Hines
Ben Hines
Klaus Holler
Ian Hughes
Hayden Iacolucci
Quin Iacolucci
Tyler Innes
Brady Johnson
Nick Johnson
Jeff Jolly
Jenna Khatib
Jojo Landel
Team Lico
Dominic Marienz
Brian Marty
Evan McCleery-Brown
Cindy McMahan
Larry Metz
Ian Michaels
Griffin McKnight
Kenji Olund
Dylan Owen
Luke Owen
Sandy Owen
Logan Paredes
Amie Parker
Riley Parker
Will Kunz
Shane Yasui
Team Pedro
Jackson Webber
Jake Brandvold
Tommy Brandvold
Colton Pedro

Jack Pearce
Henry Pratt
Jeff Pratt
Stella Pratt
Riley Quinton
Ben Reidy
George "Geo" Reidy
John Rudolf
Dylan "Smedley" Russell
Larry Russell
Connor Sand
Parker Sand
Lou Stevenson
MaryBeth Stibbins
Chris Tanner
Jan Tanner
Thomas Treutler
Beau Turner
Kevin Turner
Chandler Tuupo
Team Webber
Steven Wilkos
Cody Wolf
Meredith Tall
Cooper Young
Mathias Bolton-Akashio
Team Bolton-Akashio
Kemper Michael
Team Witter
Loren and Karen Sand
Team Burdick
Team Herzer
Kai Herzer
Cade Herzer
Travis Johnson

Emeritus Coaches

David Akiyama
Adam Bury
Marco Cooper
Kent Curtis
Marty Johnson
Michael Johnson
Blaine McNeil
Tracy Owen
Nick Paredes
Doug Parker
Jeff Pratt
Ron Quinton
Jeff Morris
Ken Reidy
Jon Sand
Todd Sandifer
Matt Steen
Bob Stoneman
Bill Tremain
David Wallace
Jeff Young
Adam Kunz
Chris Freer
Marc Weigum
Paul Turner
Gary Smith
Team Mundel
Team Weigum
Team Grothkopp-Thompson

Black Max:
Dylan Johnson, Chris Tanner and Augie Schmidt

The Conie:
Conner Carroll