Q: How much does it cost for camp?

A: $105 for each complete camp. $105 for each Skills camp. $100 for the Extra Innings. 

Q: Do you provide Scholarships?

A: The answer is yes. Call 425.451.8276 or click here for more information. There are also scholarships available via the Greater Everett Community Foundation. An application for this funding is available through the Everett Parks Department.

Q- How can I register for the camps?

A- There are several ways to register for camps. You may register online at www.SignMeUp.everettwa.org (you will need to set up an account before going online for the first time); call the Everett Parks and Recreation Dept at 425-257-8300 ext #2 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. You may also register via mail by filling out the application and sending it with your payment to Everett parks and Recreation Department, 802 E. Mukilteo Blvd, Everett, WA, 98203.  Everett/Phil Johnson Registration Form  Bellevue Registration Form 

Q: What kind of staff do you assemble?

A: Each of our staff members must meet at least one of the following criterion;1) Played professional or college baseball or 2) Coached at the high school level. Additionally, at least one certified teacher is on each staff as the coordinator to ensure safety, fair play and proper structure. Our staff is listed for your review on our staff page.

Q: My child wants to attend both the Complete and Skills camp. Is this OK?

A: Yes. In fact, this is quite common. The two camps are quite different in structure. We encourage the whole family to attend Extra Innings

Q: My child is attending both camps. Is there supervision provided from Noon to 1:00?

A: Yes. Direct supervision is provided.

Q: Your Skills camp is for kids aged 8-14. My child is only 7. Can he/she attend too?

A: We are hesitant because the skills camp is technique oriented. Some 7-year olds have handled it quite well. Please keep in mind that it is a long day and can sometimes be very warm. In the end, the discretion is yours. Please call 425.451.8276 if you have a youngster under 8 that you feel will be able to benefit from our Skills Camp.

Q: My daughter loves baseball, can she attend?

A: Yes! We have had many girls attend. The camp is predominantly boys. We encourage girls come with a friend or sibling. We have teachers on staff that are great with kids. If your daughter likes baseball, she'll love FirstSwing Camp.

Q: I see there's quite an age range. Are the kids grouped together or are they separated?

A: Kids are predominantly grouped by age. Ability plays a role as well. Common sense and the expertise of our coaches lend itself to appropriate grouping of the kids. Safety and the ability to learn while having fun are the guidelines. Our coaches are very attentive on the first day of camp to appropriate grouping of the campers.

Q: If we cannot make it to camp after having signed up, is a refund available?

A: It depends. If you cancel within 2-weeks of the beginning of the camp and request a refund there will be an Administrative fee charged. If you decide to take another camp later in the summer you may receive a credit. Please contact Jan Tanner at 425-257-8293 if you have questions or concerns.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?

A: Yes, you may pay with either a MasterCard or Visa Card. See registration form.

Q- I sent my application and check. Did I get in?

A- Once your application and payment are received, it will be processed and a receipt will be mailed to you. If you are still uncertain, please feel free to contact the Everett Parks Department at 425-257-8300 ext #2.