About Us

The FirstSwing Baseball and Softball Camps

The FirstSwing Camp concept, and tradition, began in the 1960’s but did not become formalized until 2001.  These baseball/softball camps provide unique learning experiences and opportunities for young ball players of ALL ages and abilities.  The camps are based upon solid educational principles, and teach the FUNdamentals of the game in a FUN-filled environment that encourages individual and team growth.  The primary goal of all camps is to empower all youngsters to learn, respect, and love the game, its skill sets, and the value of competition and cooperation/teamwork. FirstSwing is committed to providing a viable “outside classroom” which focuses on “life’s little lessons”, the tenets of good citizenship, and fair play!! 


The FirstSwing Camp format is quite simple.  Young ball players attend the camp of their choice and “get right into the game”!  Each day is divided into various learning modules with youngsters placed on a team (for the entire camp session) and they play a continuous game for the length of the camp.  Each day begins with a “Daily Lesson”, conditioning, and then it is PLAY BALL!!!  Learning modules include: Mechanics of throwing, hitting, fielding, base running, bunting, the mental and “inner” game, and the basic rules, uniqueness of the game, “Flip” and more.  Essentially, FirstSwing teaches, reinforces, and executes the FUNdamentals of the game each day in a game situation. 

Each camp concludes daily with a review of the day’s lessons, a question-answer segment, daily awards presentations, “homework”, and dissemination of syllabus sheets and the “gift-of-the-day”.  There are “surprises”, guest instructors, “stump-the-coach”, Riddler, and other interesting nuances that continually teach the youngsters the fluency, argot, and history of the game.

FirstSwing Camp is not just about baseball/softball!!  The FirstSwing Foundation provides ancillary instruction in order to empower the campers to become good, solid productive citizens, loving spouses, and caring parents.  Within the context of the game there is a strong emphasis on “life’s lessons” to include: financial literacy (MoonJar), reading, manners (yes, manners!), nutrition, conditioning, visual acuity, study habits, elimination of procrastination, proper injury treatment, decision-making, problem-solving, goal setting, leadership, and other societal skill sets that will lead to personal succession and satisfaction.  FirstSwing is concerned with the WHOLE ball player and strives to provide positive role models and motivation within a safe, relaxing and FUN environment. 


The essence of the FirstSwing Camps is to learn the game, enjoy it, and sense the passion of mastering its components and fluency!  Our camp staff is comprised of certified teachers, coaches, instructors, and current college scholar-athletes.  Camp provides expert baseball/softball instruction and “hands-on” experiences.  EVERY day and session is filled with learning opportunities, competitions, and actual games.  Our underlying mission of “it’s more than a game” is highlighted with individual and team situations that allow campers to risk and develop self-esteem while having a “whole lot of fun”!  EVERY camper has an opportunity to test their skills, improve their game, to be a star…and GET GOOD! 

AND….Each Camper Receives:

  • A FirstSwing GAGPTH membership bracelet (patterned after Live Strong)

  • A baseball/softball syllabus

  • A “Gift-of-the-Day” surprise each day

  • Membership to the FirstSwing GAGPTH Club

  • Discounts on various training aids

  • Opportunities to grow, learn, and of course …win “cool” prizes”!!


Baseball cannot change the world, but it can change a youngster's life!